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Stories & jibber-jabber by Janelle Parmer, Author of The Other Side of the Ledge

Janelle Parmer grew up in Southern California. She earned a BA in English, a paralegal certificate, and an MBA. Janelle’s true passion is reading and writing fiction. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and meeting new people. Janelle and her husband live on Catalina Island with their beloved cat, Simon.

Her goal is to create witty and interesting characters in different scenes of life to cultivate laughter, thought, and fun. Janelle believes that a good story can interest you enough to keep reading, but a great story can make you feel like you are a part of another world the author created.

Janelle’s debut novel, The Other Side of the Ledge, is the story of a woman in her late 30’s reckoning with the sudden death of her husband. The story not only delves into the stages of grief, but also explores the role mental health plays in our personal relationships. Through the love and comic relief of her family and friends, Kara learns how to finally accept Chris for the person he was, come to terms with his death, and embrace the new person she has become as a result. 

The Other Side of the Ledge is available on Amazon at:

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