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I have always had a deep appreciation and love for writing.  I primarily write fiction and I am extremely interested in character development.  It is my goal to create stories that identify and connect with readers.  Authors that I am drawn to craft a unique voice for each of their characters, and I like to do the same.  

One of my favorite things to read and write about is the beginning of a story. You never know how the narrative will present itself. Will the audience be invited to join a heated conversation between characters? Or, maybe, there will there be a daring car chase scene to excite the reader? The anticipation and adrenaline flow as you read the first chapter. A good book can interest you enough to keep reading; a great book can make you feel like you are a part of the world the author created. My goal is to create witty and interesting characters in different scenes of life to cultivate laughter, thought, and fun.

Happy Reading!

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