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Stories & jibber-jabber by Janelle Parmer, Author of The Other Side of the Ledge & Chasing Calla Lilies

It’s pub day for Chasing Calla Lilies! I am so happy to share my new book with the world! It’s now available on Amazon via ebook and paperback.

Chasing Calla Lilies is a fun modern love story that takes place in the amazing city of San Francisco. Bryn soon learns that being with her soulmate is not as simple as it looks in the movies, and the survival of the relationship will require sacrifices from both her and Rob. Through the care and comic relief of their friends and families, Bryn and Rob attempt to overcome life’s obstacles. Their relationship is put to the ultimate test to see if they are able to make-it work or should part ways before either one gets hurt again.

Thank you to all of my amazing family and friends for their love and support! I definitely would not have been able to do any of this without you!

Happy reading everyone!  I can’t wait to chat with you about it soon!

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