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It happened so quickly I didn’t know how to react.  Neither did he.  I hadn’t touched anyone in a very long time, let alone a stranger, since the pandemic stay at home orders were instituted, and I assumed he felt the same.  I was at the grocery store checkout line, and accidentally dropped the pack of m&ms the checker had left on the little shelf next to the credit card machine.  It wasn’t like I was going to eat them right that second (I would at least wait till I hit the parking lot), but I guess they put precious items such as candy, water bottles, and greeting cards there on that protective shelf so they don’t get smashed at the bottom of a grocery bag by some unsuspecting cans of soup or, God help me, put in the bag containing raw chicken by mistake.  As soon as the helpless m&ms fell from the counter, my reflexes kicked in and I moved my hand to grab them.  The courtesy clerk, aka bagger, had the same impulse and went to save the m&ms for me.  Our hands briefly touched in the struggle to pick-up the bag of chocolate gems, and rescue it from the carton of orange juice and box of jumbo kitty litter raging down the conveyer belt.  As soon as our hands touched, we looked at each other as if we did something wrong and got caught.  His eyes were wide and I imagine mine were the same.  We both quickly apologized and went on with our business.  On my way out of the store, he said, “have a great day” and I thanked him and wished him a good day too.  We were careful not to touch again or make further eye contact.  We didn’t want to make that wonderful, yet dangerous mistake again. 

2 thoughts on “The Forbidden Touch – 1/21/2021

  1. Randy says:

    Love it. Nice sweet slice. Now where are my M’Ms.

    1. saidnell says:

      Thanks!! M&Ms are my favorite ❤️

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