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(I was feeling a bit murky this week and ended up experimenting with my Edgar Allen Poe side a little bit more than usual. Hope you like it! The End…)

It’s an early Monday morning in August.  The streetlights still shine through the curtains in the exquisite master bedroom.  A hot wind blows through the single open window closest to the bed.  The man knows it’s his time, but he’s not ready to go.  He’s not a religious man; he never was.  Unlike many of his friends who found God as they got older; the man felt they only did so because they were scared to die without purpose, without an afterthought. What does that matter?  It’s not a legacy. Just another obituary in the Sunday morning newspaper. 

After the tears, the memorial, the selling of whatever large or small possessions, it’s only a matter of time until you are forgotten.  Nietzsche had it right.  Why live in fear?  Why live your life as if there is an afterlife to prepare for?  Wasting your years on Earth, longing for an afterlife that probably doesn’t exist; not enjoying the actual life you were given.  That is the real shame.  But, as the man kneeled beneath the reaper, begging for his life, he felt remorse.  He wasn’t ready to go yet.  Yes, he had a family, a fulfilling and profitable career, seen parts of the world most have only dreamed of, and had never wanted for anything, yet, he still wasn’t ready for it all to end.  The man had lived more than two men combined, but he still wanted more. 

The reaper laughed at the man’s selfishness as he wept before him.  The man realized pity was not working on the reaper so he turned to bargaining.  He promised the reaper money, power, whatever he wanted, the man said he would get it for him.  The reaper grinned down at the man and whispered something in his ear.  The man’s eyes grew large and a look of utter shock melted over his face.  The reaper leered into the man’s bulging eyes, smiled, and softly caressed the man’s right cheek.  The man drew his last breath and fell to the ground.  Though his body now lay motionless, the man still had that same surprised look on his face.  Energized and full of smite, the Reaper moves on, and the man is already a distant memory. 

2 thoughts on “The End – 8/6/2020

  1. Sharon says:


    1. Randall Wirtz says:

      Solid story, well done. I would hope when my life comes to an end and after spending it in pursuit of my Savior Jesus Christ it will be a new beginning for me when my soul leaves this body and I can spend eternity in Heaven and will never have to meet the reaper again.

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